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Art Commissions

Lembas lives in the attic of the Hellfire Club - the headquarters of the Succubi Cult -. He works with illustration and production of art commissions.

To pay rent to the succubi he offers Cult members priority scheduling on his services. A new and extremely limited number for scheduling will be announced from August on the Succubi Cult Discord server. Any remaining commission slots will be announced later to the general public.

All services accept WAX as a payment method.

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Instagram

Services provided

- Creation of banners with and without animations.
- Thumbnails for youtube videos.
- Creation of posters.
- Fanart.
- Emotes and badges for Twitch
- Pack opening animations.
- Animations of blends and crafts.
- Illustrations of couples.
- Vector illustrations for prints in general.

- Birthday gift illustrations with physical delivery.

- NFT projects (Subject to rigorous analysis)

- And more.


Visit my social networks for examples of work already done. Budget via email.

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
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