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Chapworld: Artifacts Shop and Devil in a Botle Inn

Now in Chapworld you have the opportunity to create two buildings for the succubus village: The Devil in a Bottle Inn and the Artifacts Shop. Each of the buildings will have benefits available as soon as it is ready.

For now, the succubus will use their resources to choose which building they will create first. It will be an exercise in teamwork and strategy. In return, each time a collector chooses to help with the construction of one of the buildings they will receive a succubuck (currency for more complex rewards).

To complete a construction it will be necessary to reach the maximum number of uses of the blend of the plan in question.

For example: To build both the Devil in a Bottle Inn and the Artifacts Shop you will need 140 blends each. It will eventually be possible to build both, but which will you choose first?

The more resources required, the greater the benefits after construction is complete.

Discuss with the community and make your choice:

To learn more about Chapworld, visit:

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