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Quest: The Pizza Place

Don't trust space cakes


Chapter 2

You arrive in front of the Pizzeria where you should meet Ana.

She went ahead to find the way to this new shelter and sent you some messages informing you of the route.

The messages stopped yesterday on Friday which is strange, so Succubi told you to see what happened and why she didn't send any more news.

The lights of the seedy Pizza Place are off and the place is extremely creepy. The only clue you found was an old newspaper.

You waited a whole week and got into so much trouble just for that?

Important: If you are completing the same quest twice, you will not be able to claim this reward twice. Contact me via discord (lembas_): providing your wallet address and I will analyze your case and send you the item you need.

Well, you better take this to the succubi, maybe they need some makeshift toilet paper at the skate park.

Chapter 1

Accept the quest:


We were watching 90s movies at the Hellfire Club. The favorite of each of us, you know? Sometimes it's fun to revisit this kind of thing with the girls, and I always keep a stash of VHS I saved from the old Moviebuster for quieter days.


MJ was particularly excited and decided to prepare her secret space cake recipe.

Allsuccubi decided to watch Tarantino – it was Ana's idea and it's particularly difficult to beat her in an argument when the subject is old stuff.


The last words I remember hearing were: 'What does Marsellus Wallace look like?'


I woke up a week later in what looked like an old skatepark in Terror Springs – wherever this place is - completely dehydrated and with Kime screaming that she had finally found clues from a place that can have snacks and potable water. She was wearing an old uniform from what looked like a pizzeria and was holding a toy bear (probably merchandise from that restaurant).


Kime, like all of us on different levels, also had amnesia induced by MJ's space cake and didn't remember exactly where this pizzeria was.

Ana thinks she remembers a Pizzeria exactly like this with an animatronic teddy bear as a mascot, but this place wasn't from this timeline or even this dimension. Which is usually not exactly impossible around here, but it always ends up being very suspicious.


Help Ana find the Pizza Place, adventurer! We are thirsty and starving! The girls and I are going to look for a safe place here at the Skatepark to avoid the undead teenagers. Apparently every Friday they come here to wander and drink a very curious drink made with cheap vodka and the blood of survivors like us.


  • It is not forbidden to ask your friends for help;

  • Ana must go through all the numbers before arriving at Pizza Place;

  • She must not cross a path she has already passed and neither go back through a path that has already been used;

  • The order of the numbers that Ana will go through must be inserted below in the places where the asterisks are to open the correct link :***** (When you find the correct combination of numbers, paste the link into your browser's address bar)

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