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All looting, theft, and extortion by succubi must be kept in a safe place where everything can be managed by their associates. This is Succubank. "The most reliable bank between Oni's Bakery and the Wastelands Zombie Dinosaur Coliseum".

Succubank guarantees that at least 30% of all collection resources are invested in collection growth through investments in marketing, hardware, software, animation and illustration courses and more.

In addition, through a complex system created by Shizuko (Tech-Succcubus) and Mike D Crypto, PFP holders will be able to redeem their share of the 15% accumulated by the lebasartnft collection (drops and secondary sales) on a monthly basis.

Example: If in a given month the collection reaches revenues of 10000 WAX (blockchain and marketplace fees already deducted) in drops and 1000 WAX in royalties, Succubank will receive 1500 wax (referring to drops) + 150 wax (referring to royalties). Totaling 1650 WAX to be distributed to Cult members.

The loot deposit is made on the first day of every month and you can redeem your share during this day at:

Any new information involving withdrawal days and dividends amounts will be updated here and on the discord channel #succubank


Why don't the entire value of secondary market sales go to the succubank?

Basically the collection seeks healthy development and realistic rewards.

Adopting a constant 15% share for Succubank makes creator, collection and collectors grow in a balanced way that enables healthy living, investment and long-term reward respectively.

Why reward monthly?

Succubi Cult intends to do at least one major monthly release.

Therefore, to offer attractive rewards - for new and old collectors - it is interesting that a result is presented at the end of a "complete period" of the collection that will comprise a month of releases between less and more relevant drops.

Will I be able to claim rewards at the succubank holding the Succubi Cult Pack?

No. It will be necessary to open the pack and hold a Succubi Cult PFP.

Does owning more than one Succubi Cult PFP increase my rewards?

Absolutely. Your reward increases proportionally for each PFP you hold.

When will the first payment from Succubank be made?

The date may still vary, but most likely on the 15th of August. I will update this date once the tool is ready.

Will I need to stake my PFPs to redeem rewards?

No, I made a point of contacting Mike so that we have a service where PFP can generate rewards without making him unavailable.

Can you give a clue how much is reward pool today?

Right now it's is around 10K Wax (July 17th).

Today is the first of the month and nothing has yet appeared for me to redeem on the WaxDao farm. What could have happened?

The farm works with two processes for sending values ​​per day (automatically). I make the deposit in the morning of the first day of the month so the amount will be sent during the day.

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