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A new world of adventure that is not at all derivative: Chapworld

Updated: Feb 27

Our beloved succubi: MJ, Kime, Ana, Pie and their new colleague Ally have entered a virtual world of magic and fun. Now you can help them capture, enslave and heavily arm various monsters know as 'chaps'.

The next step in terms of Quests

Chapworld is a new storytelling concept where collectors will be able to collect resources to unlock rewards, influence the characters' decisions. An interactive story in which collectors collectively decide how much they want to delve into the plot and discover its secrets.

Start simple, start easy

All you need to begin uncovering the secrets of Chapworld is your undying devotion to the Succubi Cult and Kime's help in obtaining resources. Kime loves axes - it reminds her of her favorite Kubrick movie - and so she tends to extract wood, but occasionally she also gets stone.

Using an ax to extract stone helps get you out of your routine, but it's definitely not very good for the tool.

Need more materials?

Kime is a jack of all trades, but if you need more specialized work, you can ask Pie for help extracting stone.

Speaking of which, Pie is the nickname for Pietra which comes from the Latin Petra and means stone. Totally coincidental, I hadn't even thought about it until now.


In addition to stone, with Pie's help you can - rarely - mine succubi gold bars (currency for future Succubi Cult rewards). Stone will also be an important asset on the secondary market for obtaining rewards so stay tuned.

Conquer Chapworld

During the month of February there will be weekly rewards that can be redeemed using the resources obtained by the succubus and this will help define the direction of the story.

Secrets, adventures and absolutely no legal problems with Nintendo. Come be part of Chapworld you too!

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Ryan Bray
Ryan Bray
Feb 04

This is super cool, I can't wait to see where this is going to take us! Thanks for the fun that's to come! @rat_junk

Feb 18
Replying to

This is an opportunity for me to try out various mechanics to implement definitively in the collection. I hope you like it \o/


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